#Ryan White Works. Ryan White. Real Lives. Meet Robin J. of Charlotte, NC

Ryan White. Real Lives – Stories on the real impact of the Ryan White Care Act

Ryan White. Real Lives. is a national campaign presenting narratives on the importance of the Ryan White Care Act among communities impacted by HIV, particularly states in the Deep South that have not expanded Medicaid. The stories provide personal perspective on the need for the continuance of the Ryan White Care Act as a key policy critical to the domestic HIV response.

#RyanWhiteWorks logosMeet Robin J.

“Ryan White saved my life, and I thank God for the program. I don’t cry anymore, and I do want to live again. I don’t know what else I would do if there wasn’t the Ryan White Program.”

In 2011, an estimated 14,731 North Carolinians received services through the Ryan White program. Charlotte resident Robin J. is one of those North Carolinians. Robin was diagnosed with HIV during a routine check-up three years ago. After a struggle with depression, she praises the Ryan White Program for allowing her to get the help she needed and keeping her on her feet.

Read Robin’s full story.

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