Ryan White. Real Lives. is a national campaign presenting narratives on the importance of the Ryan White Care Act among communities impacted by HIV, particularly states in the Deep South that have not expanded Medicaid. The stories provide personal perspective on the need for the continuance of the Ryan White Care Act as a key policy critical to the domestic HIV response.

Meet Angela

“I have no insurance at all, and I wouldn’t be able to get anything without Ryan White. This is my life—y’all tell Congress that we need this! Or maybe I will go to Washington and tell them myself!”

An e#RyanWhiteWorks logosstimated 1,900 lowest-income HIV+ residents of Alabama must rely on Ryan White funding for crucial medical care services. After being diagnosed with HIV at 49-years-old, outspoken Alabama resident Angela discusses how the Ryan White Program helped her to find a support network and afford her medication.

Read Angela’s full story.

Read other stories of people impacted by Ryan White Care Act.

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  1. Shawndell Finney says:

    I’m yet another Hiv positive white Woman born and raised in Mesquite TX thats needs funding to stay alive. GOD watches over me and my wonderful man thats also Hiv positive Blk male. I Really hang on to our Saviors HOPE he came to take all Our Sins Away ! Please consider Really checking out All Citys in Texas. I was married to a very adictive personally Disorder person or as they called it manic Biplor.I Ended up loosing him to Aids /PML Look it up on Google….Blessings

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