New SASI Report analyzes HOPWA funding formula and concludes that the South Receives Disproportionately Lower HOPWA Funding Than Other Regions

Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) is a HUD program that provides States and cities with approximately $330 million in funding for the housing needs of persons with AIDS (~$300,000,000 for entitlement grants and ~$30,000,000 for competitive grants).  HUD uses a formula based on cumulative AIDS cases to distribute approximately $225 million of the $300 million entitlement grants to cities and states for short-term and long-term housing for over 61,000 households.  Because over half of the individuals included in cumulative AIDS cases are deceased individuals, the distribution is not representative of the current state of the disease.  If HUD used a formula based on the number of persons living with HIV/AIDS instead of a formula based on cumulative AIDS cases, the south would receive 4.1% more funding, or ~$9.23 million.

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